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Our Story

With our office located just minutes away from Zurich we are working on state of the art technology for the drones of tomorrow. Our work focuses on providing commercial software and applications for Yuneec products. Most notably we realised the adaptation of the PX4 open-source flight controller for Yuneec products, starting with the Yuneec H520. To the best of our knowledge, the Yuneec H520 was the first commercial drone world-wide that runs PX4 software.

Regarding open-source, we are proud to say that Yuneec is a key contributor of PX4, the open-source software ecosystem for drones. Our collaboration with the community surrounding PX4 means that we help build the most advanced and open flight system for drones all over the world. At the same time it enables us to keep our own flight controller, the heart and brain of every drone, up-to-date with the most recent advances and features of PX4.

YUNEEC Certified Accessory Program

Why Certification

Yuneec values all of the creative minds out there building new tools for use with our drones. We want to support & enable this kind of innovation. However, only certified Yuneec accessories can be flown with Yuneec products without violating the Yuneec warranty, which is of course vital. The Yuneec certified accessory program is designed to make it simple and straightforward to create an officially sanctioned accessory for Yuneec drones. It also paves the way to future partnerships between you and us. Once the certification process is complete, you will be able to claim that your product is "Certified Yuneec compatible". We will even provide you with a logo to apply to your product to advertise the successful certification. In addition we will also advertise your product in our online catalog.

The Process in Detail

  1. You send us the detailed specifications of your product to This should include the level of integration that you currently have, as well as the level of integration that you need. Please also add details regarding where you need our support the most in order to get your product market ready.
  2. We will schedule a meeting with you to learn more about your product. This also allows us to make sure we fully understand all the details from the previous point.
  3. Based on this information we will create a test protocol specific to your product, a binding estimate for the testing process, and an estimate for any integration assistance that you will likely need.
  4. After agreeing to the process, you will send us a working prototype of the system that requires certification. We will test the new product to ensure that its basic functionality is provided and that there is no negative impact on the drone safety when using your product.
  5. We may find issues that require a change on your product. It is also likely that changes on our end are required to the Yuneec software in order to support your product.
  6. After passing the test protocol you will receive your certification, a logo to place on product packaging and your website. Last but not least your product will be added to our online catalog of certified third-party accessories.


The fees for this certification consist of the NRE costs for the certification tests, any NRE work required for integration assistance, and 5% of the wholesale revenue of certified product. The 5% fee is required to offset the additional customer service overhead generated by the program. Yuneec maintains warranty and customer support for the drone, while you are responsible for the warranty and customer support of your product. Updated payloads can generally be certified at a fraction of the original price as we can re-use much of our previous work.

Reaching us

If you have a product which you are interested in certifying, please contact us at


Our Statement

The mission of our office is to advance technology for Yuneec, our strategic partners, and society at large. The list of technical challenges - hardware and software - we hope to tackle is exciting: Beyond line-of-sight operation suitable for emergency services, application of computer vision, machine learning and data science to assist in search and rescue, agriculture and industrial inspection, flight dynamics, obstacle avoidance and collision detection. Equally important is improving the sociotechnological aspects of our international collaborations. This means applying and innovating processes and technologies which help us form meaningful and effective collaborations.

Your mission is aid wherever you best can, according the company's needs and your abilities. We're looking for people who proactively and creativly find areas where they can help: to improve ourselves, to improve Yuneec's products, to improve our partners lives and livelyhood, and hopefully to improve the world in some way. We are a small lab in a competitive and dynamic field. At times you will be asked to act as a sys-admin, a software engineer, a customer support engineer, a project manager, a leader, a follower, and maybe even a salesperson. At all times you will be asked to be a team player and colleage. In return, we promise freedom, trust, flexibility, and limitless possibilities to grow. We believe that the path to success requires careful coordination and teamwork, and an organization where every voice gets heard. We believe that the growth, development and sense of fulfillment of our teammates is key to our success.

How to apply

Have we sparked your interest? Would you like to be part of a thriving company and shape the future of the drone industry? Did you always want to work on open-source code with people from all over the world? Does the sight of a drone ignite your excitement and you can’t even explain why? You might just be the person we are looking for.

We strongly believe that collaboration is key to success. As such we need team-players that are willing to learn from other coworkers and at the same time want to give their colleagues their support whenever possible and necessary. Our company language is English, speaking Chinese is a bonus given our company’s roots.

You want to apply spontaneously or for a specific position? That is great! Send your CV and cover letter to If you are a student still pursuing a degree, send us a copy of your latest grades. Either way, feel free to also include links to your past work, code samples or project reports – anything really that can help us to pin-point your unique experience.

Open Positions

Even if no other specific positions are available, we are always interested in hearing from talented individuals. if you believe your particular skill-set could be of use to us, don’t hesitate to send us your CV. We will then reach out to you when there is an opening where we see a possible fit. We offer full-time employment as well as student internships. Some of the qualities and skills that we appreciate are:

  • Profound knowledge of C++
  • Junior position: A Master’s degree or higher in a relevant technical field, and demonstrable familiarity with computer-vision methods
  • Senior position: A PhD in a relevant field (or significant industry experience), and demonstrated expertise with computer-vision
  • Ability to work independently and reliably
  • Fluency in English
  • Outstanding communication and coordination skills, or willingness to grow
  • Eager for challenging work in a quickly evolving technology environment
  • German and/or Mandarin
  • Familiarity with electrical or mechanical prototyping
  • Knowledge about the PX4 flight stack
  • Experience with embedded systems (hardware debugging, bootloaders etc.)
  • Experience in data processing and analysis using Python
  • Basic knowledge of control theory (PID control and system modelling)
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